1st Day of Chemo: January 28th, 2008

I think everyone will be happy to hear that Taylor had her first Chemo treatment on Monday. It makes the feeling of helplessness decrease slightly, knowing that something is directly being done to get rid of the tumor. Taylor has a pic line (sp?) in her arm that they used for the chemo. Kristin reported that Taylor was having some nausea last night, but they are unsure if it is a side-effect from the chemo already, or just residual from everything else that has been causing it (morphine, blood in the stomach). Aside from being awful to throw up anyway, they have the added complication of Taylor having an oxygen mask on that they have to quickly deal with when she gets sick.

Taylor will also have radiation 5 times a week for the next 6 weeks. Because of the need to remain absolutely still when receiving radiation, children are put under anaesthesia each time they get it. I know most of us parents can not imagine the stress of having our child go under one time, let alone 30. But it is obviously a great tool of medicine that is serving a much greater purpose in this case. I know we will all be thinking of Taylor each and every time.

As mentioned in earlier posts, the chemo and radiation could relieve Taylor from some of the pain she is suffering as soon as the end of this week. Kristin suspects that if she doesn't have considerably less discomfort in 2 weeks, they will check her again to make sure the treatments are working as planned. Everyone is anxious for Taylor to be out of pain as soon as possible and back to her old self. Keith reported that when he stayed with her 2 nights ago, she had a period of about 3 hours that she was up and feeling less discomfort and being herself, which was great.


Anonymous said...

Hi Talyolr, we have been thinking about you every day, praying for your quick recovery. We want you to know that we are there for you.
Michael can't wait for to to come back and build a bug house with him.
Michael christine nairie and mike balian