Email from Kristin: January 28th, 2008

We finally have all of the news on Taylor. They were able to expedite the MRI and it was done yesterday. Squeaky wheel gets the grease! They were trying to see if the tumor was intercranial and if it was in the brain. There had also been a spot on the bone scan on her spine that they needed to confirm was not cancer. The results show that the tumor has gone through the cranium and is pushing up against the brain. The good news is that it does not seem to have invaded the brain. We are very glad that we pursued the MRI as we did because itis just sitting right there waiting to pounce! The other good news isthat the spine is clean! We were relieved to hear this.

Today we will begin chemo. I am excited that we will finally be working to make the tumor smaller instead of sitting around every dayas it grows bigger. She will probably feel pretty lousy for a while.They expect that the pressure in her head and the breathing issuesshould decrease by the end of the week. We need everyone's prayers that the chemo and radiation will work. Due to the fact that the tumor is intercranial, they will start radiation this week. They have found that it tends to control the growth by starting early.

Thank you to everyone that has sent their well wishes and offers of support. Please keep Taylor in your thoughts and pray that the chemo and radiation are effective. If her blood counts are okay, she might love some visits early next week!


Deanna said...

What good news, to have some concrete knowledge and RELIEF for Taylor in sight! And at the risk of being an online geek, it seems as good a forum as any to extend the hugs we can't in person, so:
<<<<<<<< Thorells >>>>>>>>.
It'll be a tough haul, but we'll try to make this easier for you any way we can.
Deanna, Gene, Beau & Gage

Brent said...

Glad the two of you kept the wheel greased. Greant news that it is confined and you can now plot a plan for attack.

Taylor, we love you. You are in our hearts and prayers. Remember, Jesus loves you and is with you.

Brent, Maralinda, & Cole

wmfid said...

Taylor, Kristin, Keith & Charlie,
We want you to know that little Taylor is in our thoughts and prayers daily. We know this is so tough but your blessed with a close family, excellent medical care (keep the squeaky wheel spinning) and a strong faith. The University of Kentucky adopted a slogan in '06 which is "We Believe!". Our daily prayer for Taylor ends with "We Believe". Lot's of love to the Thorells!
The Bill & Peggy Fidler family