E-mail from Kristin: January 26th, 2008

So we finally have the results of the biopsy. As suspected by the doctor, this is a rhabdomyosarcoma. The tumor has invaded the bone and they believe that it might also be invading the brain. On Friday we were told that she was going down to MRI to have pictures taken of her head and neck. They got her down there and then learned that she would need to be intubated during the procedure because they sedate the kids for this so they don't move. They then returned and said they also need spine pictures and they didn't have time for that and sent her back upstairs. We later learned that there might be a small metastisis on the spine that showed up on the bone scan but most of the doctors believe it is an "artifact" from a prior injury or something.

They cannot start chemo until they get pictures of the brain. If the tumor is invading the brain then they need to start radiation and chemo at the same time. They do not do MRIs with sedation on the weekends and we were told that the first available time they had would be able to do it is Tuesday. That was not acceptable to us, so we made every effort to find someone or somehow to do it before, We were able to get it moved to Monday, I think. So this weekend we are praying and trying to keep her comfortable.

Taylor has a very serious tumor in a very serious spot and if it has moved to the spine, that adds another serious complicating factor. There is also good news, though. This particular type of cancer is very sensitive to chemo and radiation. She is young and healthy (other than the cancer thing) and she is at one of the best places in the world to treat this. She should start chemo on Monday or Tuesday and the doctor thought that she would have some relief from the pain and pressure by Friday.

We hope that everyone can continue to keep her in their thoughts and prayers. We are soooo lucky to have so much support from our friends and family. We see many single mothers down here trying to tend to their sick child and also have another child on their arm with no one to help them. We are fortunate to have an army of people cooking, cleaning, caring for Charlie, and offering us relief at the hospital-what a difference that makes!! I will send out more updates when I hear things. We are try to keep smiles on our faces for Taylor but I think she is onto us!


Anonymous said...

To Taylor, Kristin, Keith and Charlie, You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers! The university of Kentucky football team adopted a saying in '06 and '07 that is now my constant prayer for Taylor. "We Believe!" Faith is a powerful weapon and combined with the wonderful medical care that the squeaky wheel has secured for her, will see all of you through these trials and tribulations! WE BELIEVE!!!! We Love Taylor and lot's of love to the Thorell's from the Bill Fidler family