Update from Kristin: May 14th, 2008

After multiple calls from people asking if Taylor was still in the hospital, I realized that we had not updated the blog! Taylor was actually released a week ago. We came home last Tuesday with antibiotics and that same night, her eardrum perforated. She had complained about it in the hospital and had said that there was water coming out of it. One of the doctors looked in it and said it was hard to see because it was covered in wax but that the eardrum looked okay. But when she woke up on Wednesday morning, her shirt and pillowcase were covered in a yellow discharge. We called the doctor and they prescribed some ear drops and that was it. She said it didn't hurt and she didn't seem to be as bothered by it as I was. Other than that, things have been great.

We had a very nice and relaxing Mother's Day weekend. Taylor's Aunt, Uncle and cousins were in town from Las Vegas. We made it out to the golf course on Friday afternoon and Taylor putted a few balls, rode around in the golf cart with PaPa, and played with her cousins. She was tired at the end of the afternoon but was wearing a huge smile on her face. Saturday was a quiet day at the house. Sunday we had dinner with friends at the Kennedy home and Taylor again got a chance to play and have fun. That night, Samantha and Taylor painted masks, decorated flip flops, and chased their brothers around the yard and house with tennis racquets (Ann and Mark are much nicer than Mom and Dad!)

On Monday, I was able to drive Taylor down to her father's office to visit and join in their birthday lunch. They were celebrating May birthdays and since Taylor will be six on May 23rd, they were very sweet and sang Happy Birthday to her and let her blow out a few candles. She was so happy to get out of the house and also to spend some time with her dad.

Last night she was so tired that she could barely move when her Grandpa and Nana came by to visit. She told me that she thinks she"needs more blood." I wasn't sure if all of the activity of the last few days was finally catching up to her or if we really will need another transfusion. Coincidentally, we have an appointment down at the hospital today with Dr. May to get the "all clear" for chemo on Friday. At that time they will draw her blood and see how low her hemoglobin is. That said, she was still up and reading Encyclopedia Brown books with her Grandma this morning and was once again wearing a big smile.

Taylor has been more and more herself these days. We get so bogged down with the daily grind: ruptured eardrums, low blood counts, and other side effects that we sometimes do not stop to remember the days that she was crying from pain, couldn't breathe, and could not even hold a conversation! We are grateful for every step forward in her recovery. Hopefully the chemo on Friday will not be too hard on her and she can continue to improve!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear good news about Taylor and a touch of normal life for a change!!! We're praying every day for all you, keep up the fight!
Wendy Jeff, Cameron, Paige and Will
The Jordan's in Texas

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear she is doing well. Great comment about needing more blood.


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you, Taylor, and hoping today is a better day. Hope to play together soon. 'Til then, hope you're enjoying the hidden picture games. Love, Brennan, Cooper and Eden

Anonymous said...

Hope no news is good news.

The Weiricks