RADIATION IS OVER! March 17th, 2008

Taylor received her LAST radiation treatment this morning!! Hooray! The hope is that her mouth and throat will now begin to heal which should improve her overall well-being significantly.

Additional good news: Yesterday Taylor had an impromptu CT scan because the Drs. were suspecting that she had a sinus infection. It turns out she does, so they are changing her anitbiotics. BUT they did the CT scan with contrast so they could get a good picture of the tumor. This was six weeks earlier than we expected to see it, so no one was really mentally prepared. However, it turns out that the treatments have really been working and it is much, MUCH smaller than it used to be! The radiation oncologist was very pleased with the results. There is still some tumor on the left side, but that is not unusual and the chemo should hopefully work that away in the next few months. We are very excited with the progress!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Anonymous said...

So glad that the radiation is OVER. Soon her mouth will be better...the swabbing really does make it feel better. K & K your courage and parenting has been wonderful! Please give Taylor my love!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! We hope her throat and mouth heal soon. Brendan and our family think of you all every day and pray for you as well.
Our love,
The Perneckys