Update from Kristin: February 7th, 2008

Day 16.... I hesitate to write and admit this but Taylor has been doing very well today. The reason I hesitate to write this is our experience has been that for every one good day, we get two bad. The reason for the improvement? Drugs. They finally got sick of me running down the hall every ten minutes to scream at them.

We had nowhere to go but up this morning. Nana had been sweet enough to spend the night. Of course last night was the night that Taylor got a fever and spent every hour throwing up. That being said, there was plenty of room for improvement. The doctors have added another anti-nausea drug to her list of drugs. They also agreed to increase the morphine and bring back the pump. What a difference a few narcotics make. We have been blessed with great nurses today also. They both agree that we should treat the pain and nausea before they start. So she has not thrown up all day and she is sitting in bed coloring.

Taylor was able to welcome a few visitors today and she made a quick trip to the playroom. Tomorrow we have radiation again. The radiation oncologist seems to think that things are going well. He said he really believes that Taylor will be vastly improved at the end of her six weeks of radiation therapy. I asked him why she was having such bad headaches and he reminded me that the tumor has eroded her skull so she has a hole in the bone. I hope his prediction for Taylor is correct! We are ready for her to feel better. This has been the longest two weeks of our lives.
Here are some pictures of Taylor's new haircut. She looks very cute, I must say.

Before (Rocking the Hospital Hair):

Taylor and Nana and their new 'dos:

Kiss from Daddy!


Dave K said...

Keep up the good fight all!

Keith, I am thinking you need of them sporty Dos' as well.

Fight On Taylor!

The Kaubs

Anonymous said...


Just want you to know that we are all thinking of Taylor, and you and of your family here in Chicago -- we have been checking the blog often and having been through a very scary cancer fight with my mother, do understand more than I wish I did. Especially the part about the nurses finally giving meds because they got tired of me there stomping my feet every 5 minutes! You can't fix everything by stomping your feet, but is a small victory when you can fix the things you are able to... She made it through -- cancer free for three years -- against all predictions -- and I know that Taylor will too. Taylor looks great with the new hair-do -- and am sure her spunk and your love (and maybe an occasional stomp of the foot) will get her through all of this. Will be sending positive energy from here and please let us know if there is anything we can do.