Update from Kristin: February 14th, 2008

The first night home was a huge success. Taylor was so happy to be home and was much more vibrant than I had seen her in weeks. She slept until 5:30 with her oxygen and came in because she needed to use the restroom. She took a little tylenol and went back to bed until we had to wake her up to go to radiation. She slept the whole time in the car so she missed the traffic. The radiation treatment was quick and we were on our way back home. She had some cereal and took a three hour nap. A side effect of radiation is pretty severe fatigue so naps will probably be a part of the routine now. We had a few visitors after that. Her head was bothering her a bit this afternoon but she seemed soothed by half a dose of her pain medication. Later she had more tylenol. I hope that her pain continues to improve. Some days will probably be better than others.

Charlie saw Taylor just briefly this afternoon and laughed and said,"T, your hair is messy!" She told him that wasn't really possible because she doesn't have any hair. He then laughed and said, "You look funny!" She didn't seem to mind but she doesn't pay attention to most of the things he says. We were worried that he would find her scary but he really didn't seem to care so that was a relief.

Keith left yesterday for a business trip to Memphis. He was so disappointed that the first time he has had to go out of town since Taylor was diagnosed, she returned home. He is anxiously awaiting Friday night when he gets back. We have radiation tomorrow and then the weekend off. She will probably have her chemo treatment on Tuesday which will take us back to the hospital for a few days. Keith will be gone for three days next week too so he will miss out on all of the fun. I think Taylor knows that she will have to go back to the hospital again, but I haven't told her exactly when. We don't need to talk about that quite yet. We are really looking forward to the weekend and hope she remains comfortable and can enjoy some of it!

Happy Valentines Day!