Update from Kristin: February 12th, 2008

We are still here at the hospital. Taylor seems to be doing pretty well. She is losing her hair quickly and is pretty much bald on the sides. The hair loss coupled with the morphine has made her itchy.We have to change the pillow case about every two hours. The doctors are starting to talk about getting us home. They have switched her from the iv morphine drip to oral morphine. They said that since she has been on it for almost three weeks now, we will have to gradually decrease it since she is probably a little dependent on it.

The other issue that is delaying our return home is her nighttime breathing. She is still having little episodes of apnea. The doctors are trying to schedule her for a sleep study to see just how bad the apnea is and if she is able to wake herself or if she needs to wear an oxygen mask. She probably had the apnea for a few weeks before the hospital and many healthy people suffer from sleep apnea but we wantto take every precaution so that we all rest comfortably at night. She is scheduled for her next chemo early next week so that will require another stay in the hospital but I think it would do all of us good to get home for a few days.

We continue to go to radiation everyday. She doesn't seem to mind it too much. She looks forward to being put to sleep- that way she doesn't even know what is happening to her. Ignorance is bliss. We are told that the effects of radiation will begin to build and it will start to take more of a toll on her. That's fine as long as it takes a toll on the tumor too!


Charlotte said...

Keith and Kristin:

Oh my gosh. I just heard about Taylor from an email from Brooke and I can't tell you how much my heart goes out to you all.

I do like the fact that Kristin is fighting with the nurses. Hasn't anyone told them that Mothers always know best!

I do have type O- blood and have registered but it sounds as though Taylor may not need any more, but if she does, I will be there in a heartbeat.

Please know that our prayers are with you and we will hope for the very best. Your words for and yor love for Taylor (and Charlie) are just so dear and so incredible. I will check this website often in hopes of only more and more good news.

I know Taylor doesn't know us but when she gets better she can come over and play with our new puppy, Maggie Jo. She is growing very fast and will be big, but I am sure she would love to play with Taylor anytime.

Our love to you all,

Charlotte and John Reith