Mini Update: February 3rd, 2008

The following are bits and pieces taken from some emails from Kristin over the weekend:

Saturday was a so-so day - Taylor threw up in the morning and then slept all day until 4pm. She was in good spirits in the evening, until they gave her some vicodin and she threw that up too. They are trying to get her off the morphine pump and onto oral pain relief. Kristin is unsure that she is ready for that.

Sunday was blood transfusion day. They say it might help make her feel a little better too. She is off the morphine drip so the hope is that her breathing situation will improve a bit. She is starting to sound a little more clear to K, but there is still a long way to go.

Radiation starts Monday morning. As Kristin says: "I am kind of glad about that because it will continue killing some of those tumor cells and hopefully bring her even more comfort."

Check back for a more detailed update on Monday afternoon re: the blood transfusion and first day of radiation. Sweet Taylor is being SUCH a trooper and brave girl. It is amazing how well she is coping with her situation. GO TAYLOR!


Dave K said...

Fight On Lil T!

K and K, keep strong and know that we are all here for you.

Dave, Dee, Sierra and Paige

Jen said...

Come on radiation!! This tumor is going down like Tommy! Hope the radiation bring Taylor relief very soon.
Aunt Jenny