Message from Keith: January 31st, 2008

Today was mostly a great day. The only bad news was that Taylor's breathing troubles have resurfaced. It's not surprising since her tumor blocks her airway when she sleeps, but it was disappointing to see her oxygen saturation levels plummet at times again today after afew days of not doing so. This is a problem which will delay her discharge from the hospital.

Now for some good news: Taylor ate and drank a little today without throwing up at all. She has not had any vomiting.

Now for some great news: For the first time in many days, Taylor got out of bed. We insisted that she go to the playroom down the hall this afternoon. She did not want to go and tried to delay by staying in the bathroom for a considerable amount of time after waking up. Once she emerged, though, I made her accompany me to the playroom.

Once there, she had a great time. She smiled for the first time in many days. She beat her dad at Memory, Uno Spin, and Candyland before we had to return to her hospital room because the playroom was closing. She told me that she wanted to return tomorrow when it opens again. It was precious to see her happy again, albeit briefly. I hope we see more of that in the days and weeks to come.


Anonymous said...

HURRAY! Thank you sharing the successes! Don't underestimate the little things, that what tells us all that our prayers are working and that God is listening.

Continued prayers,
The Kennedy's
(Mark, Ann, Samantha, Cameron)

Justin said...

Keith, my dear old friend. It has been a long time... I just heard the news about your daughter Taylor. My heart broke when heard about the news. Please know that my family and I will be praying for Taylor as well as for you, Kristin and your whole family. I look forward to the day my soon-to-be 5-year old Kayla can meet Taylor as their dads exchange stories from their childhood. With love, Justin Chang